Consistency Builds Commitment???

Don’t ask me where in the world I get these title ideas from. They just kind of happen.

As I spoke on earlier in the week, I wanted to establish some type of workmanship with my writing and get used to generating ideas on a daily basis. This came in the form of setting aside time (usually after work) to jot down AT LEAST 100-200 words. There wasn’t really any rhyme or reason to the actual content of my words besides just getting them out. Even just in this five day period I’ve learned something that should’ve been the biggest ‘duh’ ever.

Keeping a schedule for writing is TOUGH!!

A few nights during the week, I get home much later in the evening and I’m usually exhausted. The idea of then having to open my computer and crank out something in order to keep my schedule going has been rough. But I’m keeping on with it. I’m looking forward to seeing the amount of things that I’ve written in the next few months. Even more important are the bursts of inspiration that I can get from these. Almost like my own personal writing reference book.

Aaron sat on the porch, happy to finally get some type of reprieve from the endless amount of work that had lasted for hours. It was midday, the sun bathing the countryside in a golden glow, the likes of which, he hadn’t seen in years. School had begun again on the colony, so none of the younger kids remained to run in the fields, their familiar screams of laughter noticeably absent.

He scanned the fields extending outward from his grandfather’s house and saw her over by the apple tree. She was crouched on the ground, her attention on a small anthill. She had no idea he was watching her from the porch.

Eyes wide and mouth open in astonishment, she studied the ants as they went about their business under her gaze. Her teal colored skin radiant below the shade of the large tree, white summer dress flapping gently in the breeze. She was so alien and foreign to him, but that didn’t stop the feeling he had every time he saw her.

Aaron had no idea what would come next or more importantly, who would come next. But he knew that he would protect her with everything he had.

The above is a quiet scene from my daily 100-200 words that’s part of a science fiction idea that’s been in my head for at least a year. Hope to start drafting it out in the coming weeks.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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