Kinda Late, But Still Giving It A Try

As I’ve always said, this blog will be me showing my successes, as well as my failures.

Now while I haven’t technically failed in this effort, I still didn’t make my personal deadline for submitting to a writing contest by the end of this month.

Sometimes life happens; and this is one of those times! But it wasn’t done on purpose. As I’ve noted, working a full time job that sometimes extends into the 10-14 hour range of responsibility during a day doesn’t leave me motivated to come home and drill out 1000 words towards an upcoming contest; and unfortunately the Nano Fiction contest that I wanted to enter ends on July 1st and I don’t have enough time to scrounge together something that I’d feel confident in submitting. Even if it’s only a 300 word max.

I love, love, LOVE the idea of flash fiction contests. As such, I’m spending my time attempting to look for another legitimate submission site in that realm. While I have a few more days before Literistic sends me another email (I discussed that previously here), with an exhaustive list of options, I decided to share some other choices that I’ve found. Following the Fourth of July holiday weekend I plan on putting in some work on one of these:

Doing some internet searching these were two contests that I found particular interesting considering they both had well-known publications in the literary world. Neither one of them has a word count max about 750 words, making it both appealing and extremely difficult to do. I know that I’m a verbose writer at times, so this will be something extremely helpful in forcing myself to condense a story down to only the essential narrative.

So that’s my plan (unless my Literistic email provides something else waaaaaaaaaaay more interesting). I’ll provide an update in around two weeks with hopefully a successful submission and a lot of ‘lessons learned’ from the whole experience.

Pinky promise this time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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