My 100 Word Daily Challenge (June Retrospect)

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A Google Sheets spreadsheet template I’ve created to see my writing progress over the course of the year on Mondays through Fridays of each week.

This was much harder than I thought it would be. MUUUUUUCCCCCH harder.

Referring back to this earlier post and this one, I talked about my interest in establishing a schedule for writing SOMETHING at least five times a week. I purposely didn’t give myself too much direction in order to just see where my mind went each day. 100 words minimum before I went to sleep Monday through Friday. For five days out the week, I would commit to typing something on a Word document, keeping it going to hopefully see the progress and continue motivating myself.

For the most part, I was successful. I started on May 24th, with the objective in mind to go all the way through the month of June and attempt to have something done for all twenty-two writing days that I had established. I fell five days short of that.

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The hardest days to motivate myself to write apparently are on Fridays!

I kept a running tab of my ‘complete’ days on the Google Sheets spreadsheets displayed above. I’m a visual person. Actually seeing it, versus just keeping track of it in my head, helps to reinforce the objective to me. I guess the result of being so process oriented and thorough in note taking through my job is made apparent here. Looking at these results are fascinating because I can correlate them with actual events in my life and what may have impeded my progress on those days.



All three of those weekends I was either visited by family or by really close friends that I can pretty much say are pseudo-family members at this point; and the arrival of company coming to visit me usually obliterates all other things I have going on, especially if it involves family (the curse of attempting to be a good host to your visitors I suppose).

The lead up to the weekend of the seventeenth had me racing to complete a deadline established at my job, knowing that my family would be in town and my attention diverted by the end of the week. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to pull eleven hour days like I have this month to finish a large amount of tasks. But that still led me to not write on those days and not even attempt to make it up (which I’ve had to do on some other days when I came home completely exhausted).

So what can I take away from this? That’s really the question here. Things like family visiting, scheduled activities with friends, and my other extracurricular activities (sports, volunteering, etc) will continue to happen in the future, so I can’t and won’t make excuses when I don’t do what I set myself up to do; and although I have made a few ‘Sometimes Life Happens’ posts, I don’t want them to become the norm. Short of being incredibly sick or some type of emergency happening, I want to continue to keep my schedule.

So I’ll plan more efficiently. If I schedule and plan work, vacations, family time, and fun things I like to do, then adding my writing to that list shouldn’t be a deviation from that. Subconsciously, I’ve already found myself doing that anyway. Typically, after dinner at night is when I’ll crank out my 100 words. If I know in advance of something that will stop that from happening, I’ll figure out a better time to complete it: possibly doubling down and doing it the day before or maybe first thing in the morning.

Only missing five days during my first month of attempting this isn’t too bad at all. But I like setting higher goals for myself. Let’s see if I can hit a 100% rate for the month of July. All 21 days (Mondays through Fridays).

Until next time.

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