Word Vomit #7

I wanted to make Fridays the day of the week that I share excerpts of writing that I’ve done in the past through writing prompts, random stream of consciousness, parts of larger works, or as part of my 100-200 daily word exercises. 

The point being to attempt to examine what I’ve done for clarity sake and whether or not I can make sense of it…not only to those who read it but to myself as well.

Days like this have me feeling more compelled to write something more stream of consciousness, similar to last week’s post. But not nearly as long. This post will unfortunately be brief (the reality of a bad work schedule and procrastinating on writing this at 11 p.m. the night before it goes up).

I still find myself thinking about House of Leaves (A novel I finished reading a few weeks ago. Mentioned it somewhere) every so often and having this lingering feeling of things not being done. That book seems to have infected every fiber of my being. I don’t think I’ve ever read something so consuming.

There’s just something about suspense and the idea of not feeling like you’re in full control of what’s going on due to the plot quickly changing direction just when you think you have a bead on the story; and if there’s one thing that House of Leaves did well, it was to make you feel like you were never really in a position of sturdiness to make predictions on how things were going to end up. I’m keeping it intentionally vague because I still don’t feel compelled to spoil the story yet. I’ll save that for a review I’ll eventually do.

But all this just had me thinking about suspense utilized in plot and just how difficult it can be to hold the entire story together in a way that will make sense by the end. How much faith do you need to have in your overall work to feel like it’ll all work out? Does the author sometime wish they could go back and change what they’ve done after the final product comes out? Interesting things to consider when trying to create something that the reader is supposed to be invested in, even when they have less of an idea of what’s going on than usual.

I lack that confidence in my writing currently to make such a longterm gamble (somehow I view it in my head as a risky maneuver). But I want to get there. Just have to not be scared to trip and stumble along the way.

Back at it next week guys.

Until next time.

*Ended up finishing this right at midnight and passing out asleep*

Author: Mr. Nifty

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  1. Stumbling and falling is worse than stumbling and catching yourself. Either way, stumbling is like making a mistake —- what do you do afterwards? Learn from it or repeat it? I think we all stumble at some point (except those who have perfect lives — is there any such thing?)……

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