A Time to Reflect

One good thought away from that million dollar idea. Now just have 999,999 more!

Sometimes it’s good to just slow down and take stock of your life.

I’m always on the go so much during the week, that it’s so easy for me to just neglect the fact that I need to just STOP and take a mental break.

It’s kind of crazy for me to realize that I’m now around two months in to posting regularly on this blog. It hit me during my lunch break at work. I really wanted to motivate myself to write more and I did. I am. Two months may not seem like something to cheer about but it is to me. Especially coming from a place internally that felt creatively unfulfilled at times.

I’m no closer to figuring out THE SECRET to getting published. But I am putting into practice what literally every writer, professional or amateur, has mentioned that you need to do to put yourself onto that road. You have to write. It’s not rocket science in the slightest, but I think creative people sometimes overstep their bounds and overwhelm themselves looking at the endless possibilities to choose from without first making a choice. I never knew how long that metaphorical road was, but I’m still traveling down it and I have plenty of gas in my tank.

It’s weird how motivated I become when I set a goal for myself personally. This blog (in my head) forces me to keep my promise of always posting something on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There’s no gun to my head to have to do that; and yet there have been nights of staying up past midnight because of a late night at work and conflicting responsibilities that eliminated the chance for me to finish what I needed to write earlier in the day. There’s something so compelling to keeping this momentum going and seeing where it takes me. Even as I get busier at work, I still look forward to doing this (hearing back constructive feedback from others is a plus too!).

Along with continuing to figure out topics to write on and actually doing some legitimate research into the publication process (maybe something I share periodically??), I also need to tackle WordPress. I want to evolve this layout desperately to make it user friendly. I have over twenty posts at this point (holy cow they’re adding up!!) and I need to devise a way of making them all easy to access so you don’t find yourself having to keep clicking the ‘See Older Posts’ button along the bottom of the home page (even I don’t want to do that).

I’ve always heard that ‘slow and steady’ can be the best course of action when playing the long game; and if this isn’t that then I’m at a loss for words. Here’s hoping that I’m still as passionate a year from now.

I will be.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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