The Grab Bag of Thoughts #2

A smorgasbord of ideas on a Monday morning.

The second installment of my GRAB BAG OF THOUGHTS. For times like this, I’ll string together separate things that have been rattling around in my head but are nowhere near long enough to write full length posts about….yet. Maybe that will come later. Who knows what the future may bring. The topics are below.


I’ve unfortunately failed on locating a closer library that wouldn’t require a paid membership card like I mentioned in the previous grab bag; and not necessarily because the search is hard. I honestly just put it off (not too many good excuses for it unfortunately). Due to some good fortune I was able to use a birthday gift card for Amazon to get quite a few interesting books. I’ll probably speak on my love of Amazon in a future post and how it’s my biggest nemesis between using the library.


We’re now entering the final week in July and I still haven’t done anything towards my goal for entering a writing contest. I missed the June submission and I’m on the verge of missing the July one as well. I’ve been leaning towards doing flash fiction (I talk about this here). It’s relatively low impact but still requires thought since your story has to come across in less than 1000 words. I have some scrambling to do.


I’m currently reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson with a few friends and I’m struggling to stay engaged. I’m within the first 111 pages of a 900+ page high concept science fiction tale wrought with Greek and contemporary symbolism. The main character, Fraas, is slowly coming to terms with the idea that everything that he’s been taught, essentially being raised in the equivalent of a monastery, is contrary to the rest of society. I’m looking forward to his epiphany and what transpires because the world itself and the concepts discussed are interesting. The meticulous explanations of what would seem like insignificant details just make the information hard to swallow (metaphorically at least). I’ve been told that the next 100 pages or so ends the point of essential set up and jump starts the narrative. Looking forward to it.


I’ve toyed with the idea of text choose-your-own-adventure games. Even more so, I’ve thought about trying to create one myself. The tools are out there and it’s never been easier to learn how to make your own video game; and with me speaking on just how powerful the narrative of video games have been in my life, it’s not too far-fetched for me to want to contribute to it as well. Text adventure games are a bit dated but they are extremely fun. Not sure if I’ll do it this year or not. If so, I plan on writing a much more detailed post about it later.


That concludes this month’s grab bag! See you on Wednesday!

Until next time.

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