100 Word Daily Challenge (July Retrospect)

Hello August and goodbye July!

It’s another month in the books (ha, literary puns) and as I did last month, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the challenge that I made for myself when I first started this blog.

My daily 100 word challenge. The daily being exclusively Monday through Friday currently to ensure that I don’t burn out on this (probably a post about that in the weeks to come because I’ve definitely felt it once or twice already).

In June, I missed about four days due to life circumstances and straight up resolve. With family in town visiting and still working an intense schedule, I made it an effort to spend the remainder of my time with loved ones instead of writing. I still don’t regret that decision. Certain things will always trump others in my personal list of importance. So with that in mind and knowing that I wasn’t going to have any major visits this month, I strove to get a 100% completion rate for the month of July.

That didn’t happen.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 6.51.39 PM
One week out of the month kicked my butt.

Shown in the screenshot above, I was five days short this time. In my opinion, still a good effort but short of my 100% completion (21 days). Looking back at it, I know how unrealistic that may have been, given my favorite motto of ‘Life Happens.’ But I severely underestimate how much mental energy it takes to simply write at minimum 100 words a day devoted to this.

I don’t remember anything of major importance happening that week personally. But I do know that I worked longer hours that week and between that and making sure to still fit things like exercise in at the gym, I am done mentally by the time I get home; and I never want this to feel like work, so I don’t do it if that’s the case. Best explanation that I have for it.

As I start the month of August, I plan on staying the course with this 100 words, five days a week goal. Consistency is always key and just like working out at a gym, I want to keep building those creative muscles. Let’s step it up this month!

Until next time.


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