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Have you ever spent so much time looking inward that you failed to notice the amount of inspiration occurring around you?

That was my realization a few weeks back as I had the opportunity to begin reading a friend’s ongoing fantasy novel they’re writing through the magic of Google Documents. I was given permissions within the program to be able to suggest edits and literally read along as she continued the story (live too).

First off, what a wonderful world we live in to be able to do something like that. Don’t take it for granted.

But second, the experience of continuing to keep up with her story (which is still ongoing) put me back into a space to actually start considering ideas I currently want to get done. As hard as I’ve been working my day job, I still wanted to make more progress into attempting to look back at my NaNoWriMo story in order to edit it, as well as attempt to make sense of a small ‘seed’ of an idea I have for a creative project (something I don’t necessarily want to spill the beans on yet).

But I hit writer’s block hard. Even my daily 100 word challenge has fallen behind by about four days now. During lunchtime time today however, I found myself with a bit of free time after eating and got on the computer, opening up my friend’s story to see where she left off. Twenty pages of reading later and I was floored at how well things were coming together for her. So much so, that I left a note in the document, commenting on how much I enjoyed what I was reading. The response back hours later surprised me. It was her appreciation at me reading it; and the fact that it provided a touch of motivation for her to continue writing it.

Now I’m not going to sit here and delude myself into thinking that I was the sole reason. I probably wasn’t even twenty-five percent of the reason. But the thought of it made me feel better, especially knowing that I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to do creatively. I honestly wasn’t even sure of what I would write for my Wednesday post until I thought of this scenario. Lo and behold, inspiration came.

Going through dry periods where you don’t have any creative ‘juices’ flowing is normal. I’ve realized that for a few years now. No one is ‘on’ at all times. Even the largest entities in the published author world have mentioned taking breaks after writing their latest novel to recharge. So why would I complain? Instead, I simply waited for that writing bug to bite again; and it has by way of watching someone else finding enjoyment in their own creative endeavors.

You better believe I’m going to be scribbling ideas in my notebook like a madman today.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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