The Grab Bag of Thoughts #3

Delivering bags upon bags of thought!

Rapid fire thoughts on this beautiful Monday morning!

The third installment of my GRAB BAG OF THOUGHTS. For times like this, I’ll string together separate things that have been rattling around in my head but are nowhere near long enough to write full length posts about….yet. Maybe that will come later. Who knows what the future may bring. The topics are below.

I had absolutely no chance in trying to enter a writing contest in July. Between traveling during the holiday weekend and just being swamped at work, I had to give up that goal for the month. But I got back on it this month! I have two publications I plan on submitting to with September deadlines and my short stories are already DONE! It’s the best feeling ever to not have to squirm and sweat and worry about blazing out something at the last minute.

What I have been doing, is letting some friends and family peer review the work and give me their honest opinions on it. With one of the deadlines coming up September 1st, I plan on making my final edits and sending it out this week. More on that next month.


I’ve fallen behind by at least five days on my daily 100 word writing challenge. Now on my third month of doing this, I’ve begun to notice trends. For some reason, during the middle of the month, I find myself falling slightly off the wagon and subconsciously taking a mental break from even entertaining the idea of writing anymore than I usually do. 100 words a day isn’t a lot. But when you don’t do it for seven days it definitely adds up. I won’t slip anymore and let that number build. Today I’m going to play catch up and get back on the right path.


As noted on my About page, my work day consists of things in the computer science realm. But I have other interests besides that (hence this very site); and in parallel with writing, I also have a slightly nerdy love for editing that I want to do more with. I’ve contemplated taking some type of class or training to supplement my knowledge I’ve picked up from a previous side editing job.

If I have the time to better myself (while making sure I don’t burn out) I may as well go for it. I’ll be on the lookout for opportunities!

That concludes this month’s grab bag! See you guys on Wednesday!

Until next time.

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