100 Word Daily Challenge (August Retrospect)

Don’t ever give up when you’re so close to the finish line.

This was probably one of my roughest months in terms of attempting to continue my personal goal of writing 100 words per day, five days a week, and stay on track.

In order to make sure that I didn’t burn the candle at both ends and just avoid it altogether after a particularly stressful day at work, I would sometimes write my 100 words during lunchtime and convert it to my long running text document on my computer when I got home. I think changing up the routine was needed because certain nights, the last thing I wanted to do was to sit down and turn on another computer.

But I made it through.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.11.55 PM
First month of hitting 100% completion! How many more months can I continue this streak?

I set out a goal in July to come back strong (especially with no family commitments this month) and not miss a SINGLE DAY! It was incredibly difficult to do that; and there were a few days during the month where I had to play catch up in order to accomplish it.

As my text document grows, month in and month out, I sometimes go back and reread some of the things that I wrote before (a few were early contributors in my Word Vomit posts) just to see the mind space that I was in. No matter how tired I am, I still like to put forth some effort into what comes out, even if it’s only 100 words.

Just looking at the graphic above that I screenshot to upload to this page gives me motivation. It’s more than just putting a collection of words on a page. It’s consistency. It’s continuing down the path that I set for myself to improve my craft.

Here’s to more months of hopefully doing just that.

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