Word Vomit #15

When you’re unable to get into anything new out there and instead just fall back on what you already love.

My continuing series on Fridays where I share excerpts of writing that I’ve done in the past through writing prompts, random stream of consciousness, parts of larger works, or as part of my 100-200 daily word exercises. 

The point being to attempt to examine what I’ve done for clarity sake and whether or not I can make sense of it…not only to those who read it but to myself as well. Or I highlight something else that I’m interested in that week and want to speak at length about. Vomiting out words if you will.

A quick observation for Friday.

Be careful of always falling back on what you loved ‘before.’ Sometimes those things don’t hold up anymore. Especially if you don’t take the time to modernize it and adapt it for the times. We’re living in the era of the remake. Star Trek is back on the big screen (although after how the last movie ended, it may start delving out into unfamiliar territory), there’s talk about another Blair Witch movie coming, Godzilla came out in theaters and no one cared, Voltron was dropped on Netflix, Transformers, the list goes on with television and movies that either borrow from or adapt previously existing properties in every form of media.

I’m not one of those people who ‘harumph’ at every single thing and comment on how it’s nothing like when the original thing came out (…unless it’s Twilight Zone…). It doesn’t pay to be short-sighted in that regard until the actual thing comes out and I can judge it solely on the merits of what it is. After all, there are generations of people who come after me that deserve a chance to fall in love with some of the same things that shaped who I am.

But……and there’s usually a but….we shouldn’t rely on rehashing those same well-traveled roads, utilizing them as a crutch. I think in the mainstream market, something that’s familiar to something else is comforting. Numbers can be crunched and data can be abstracted on the percentage of it being a success because someone has already seen something like that before. People who want to make large profits are comforted by patterns and ‘sure things.’ But what about the creative?

If you’re creating for the sake of profit, I think you already lost. I don’t have a leg to stand on in this argument because I’m still trying to figure it out myself, but that’s how I see it. The ones really enjoying their craft never seem to be bothered with the profit margin from the start. They’re worried about getting better at expressing and perfecting their craft; and more often than not, are willing to bet on themselves and take more risks, rather than retracing old steps.

I think that’s something worth putting into perspective. Sometimes you just have to put what you create out there into the world and risk failing. Otherwise, how do you continue to push boundaries?

Until next time.


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