Word Vomit #16

When your body is back but your mind is still in the clouds….

My continuing series on Fridays where I share excerpts of writing that I’ve done in the past through writing prompts, random stream of consciousness, parts of larger works, or as part of my 100-200 daily word exercises. 

The point being to attempt to examine what I’ve done for clarity sake and whether or not I can make sense of it…not only to those who read it but to myself as well. Or I highlight something else that I’m interested in that week and want to speak at length about. Vomiting out words if you will.

I can’t get the sound of the ocean water out of my head. On Wednesday, I spoke on my incredibly refreshing vacation that allowed me to get my head back on straight and just what that meant for me creatively; and while I’ve been back working my day job for several days now, I have to confess that it’s hard not to think back to my time out on the water.

This is a big thing for me because, for the most part, I barely spend any time in water. I don’t really go to the beach, swim in pools, and I definitely don’t usually go out on boats. Especially not big cruise ships in the middle of the ocean. But I decided to step outside that comfort zone and do it. After all of that, it really has me thinking about life at sea.

Not for me of course, but for the people who choose that particular lifestyle (or are forced into it). What does it take to coexist with something so calm and yet so powerfully unpredictable everyday? Knowing that the sea could just as easily provide sustenance one day and then kill you the next. What about the vast number of things that live below it, some friendly and many more dangerous? Just the type of life you would need to live in general to adapt to it is fascinating in itself.

I’m filled with so many ideas! Here’s to hopefully having something to share for next week’s Word Vomit!

Until next time.


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