The Grab Bag of Thoughts #4

The bags keep on coming!

A random assortment of thoughts rattling around in this head of mine!

The fourth installment of my GRAB BAG OF THOUGHTS. For times like this, I’ll string together separate things that have been rattling around in my head but are nowhere near long enough to write full length posts about….yet. Maybe that will come later. Who knows what the future may bring. The topics are below.


The end of September is coming pretty quickly and with that is the deadline for my short story submission contest. I feel like I’ve been talking about it forever, but that’s only because I felt that it was important to set a goal and see it through. The September 1st contest didn’t happen as much as I wanted it to. I simply didn’t have enough time to commit to it. I don’t feel too bad about it though because it wasn’t my original goal. With a bit more peer reviewing I plan on submitting on September 25th.


I’m about 10 days behind on my 100 word daily challenge (geez). Fresh off my month of successfully completing it with no days missed, I’ve now seriously fallen off. I see some catch up days in my future. No choice if I want to keep this 100% ratio going by the end of the month.


Coming back from my vacation, I now have a huge fascination with water and the culture around it. The people who end up making their home and life near it or on it, the dynamics of what it requires to be successful out there, and even facing the inherent dangers day in and day out. I’ve been playing around with several NaNoWriMo ideas and I finally think I have a premise strong enough that I feel comfortable enough to pursue. We’re still a ways out, so I have time to plan.


So easy to lose track of time. I’ve slowed down a bit in my reading of Anathem, but I still plan on finishing it (requires a bit more of my concentration but the story has really started to pick up). A few weeks ago, I posted on some new books that I had received and was excited to read…..

Haven’t touched them yet. I need to pick back up my reading, it seems like I’ve slowed down. Can’t have that. Will hopefully have some good news and reviews of what I read in October.


That’s the end of this month’s grab bag. It’ll be back next month like always!

Until next time.

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