My First Contest Submission: Lessons Learned


You never know what you’re capable of until you get off your butt and actually try!!

September has come and gone. But so has my deadline for the short story contest that I spoke on two Grab Bag posts ago. It was my first submission that I’ve ever done for a writing competition. With the help of some good friends and my father, they poured over my two short stories editing and peer reviewing them to ensure that they were as pristine as could be. A few days before the deadline I was able to submit, confident in what I had written (maybe I’ll post an excerpt one of these days in a Word Vomit post).

It took a few weeks but I received a response back in my email from their editors:

Well…at least they were pleasant and polite.

The picture shown above is a quick edited screenshot to avoid displaying any information that’s a bit too identifiable but you get the point. I unfortunately didn’t make the cut. However, save your tissues and sad music ladies and gentlemen! There’s no way that I  deluded myself into thinking that I would’ve found success on the first go round. That’s also not saying that anything that I submitted felt inadequate to me either. Between the inception of this blog and now, I definitely feel like my writing has tightened up A LOT. But who knows what the editors were really looking for when it came to deciding which user submissions they liked the best? Which is why I don’t feel particularly sullen about it.

The fact is that I did it. My very first writing contest! Something that has literally been in the making for years; and it won’t be the last. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Literistic is an online tool that I LOVE to use to keep track of interesting submission contests and it’s something that I may use in the very near future. Just because one publication didn’t choose my short stories, doesn’t mean that another won’t.

Let the grind continue.

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  1. Congratulations on getting it done!! It was no small feat and you should be VERY proud of yourself for following through. Believe me, that is not the norm for a lot of folks; most give up early or just don’t have the resiliency to continue. You did very well.

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