Struggling to Keep It Organized

How many things can you balance on your plate before you have to realize that it’s too much?

Within the last few weeks, I’ve been on a search for more motivational quotes. I have a moderate interest in hanging them up in easy-to-view places around my home just as a way to remind myself to keep my focus on positive messaging.

I make sure to look at these every single morning when I wake up.

Positive messaging due to it being around midnight and me simply looking at the rising level of intersection between my day job and one of my favorite hobbies: writing. Workload and responsibility is rising in the former and as such, the latter is suffering a bit for it. These personal creative goals I have for myself are becoming a bit harder to manage. So much so that the idea of NaNoWriMo and attempting it is giving me a touch of anxiety. Even more so because I know that I’ll be traveling and possibly with limited time to write for at least eight days (as I mentioned in a previous post HERE).

Here’s a short list of what I want to get done through November and December:

  • Continue posting on this blog during my scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Friday times of course.
  • Keep up my 100 word daily writing exercise (even though I’ve fallen behind again)
  • Figure out which novel idea I want to use to attempt NaNoWriMo with.
  • Take some training in copyediting that I may be able to put to use to stir up a bit of side profit next year. The training will be through the American Copy Editors Society.
  • Figure out my premise for a ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure’ game that I’m interested in creating (a more in-depth post on that later).
  • Do more research into nautical travel for a fantasy novel idea that I have based on a story that mainly involves the ocean.

Do I see myself being able to possibly accomplish all of this? Maybe if I schedule it accordingly. That’s my biggest issue right now. Not just looking at all this while coming home from a 10 to 12 hour a day and just plopping onto my couch and watching YouTube videos because I don’t feel like doing anything else.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that from time to time.

The issue is once again trying to reach that point of balance where I still find enjoyment in my hobbies and extracurricular activities (which I currently still do) but don’t overtly stress myself out. Why should I when there’s no outside factor affected by it? Until I get paid for it, I shouldn’t treat it like a job.

But if I want to get to that point, then some form of personal responsibility and structure needs to be accounted for.

I’m still looking for that balance. If I discover the answer I’ll be sure to let you know.

Until next time.

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