Finding the Parallels in it All

Instead of attempting to figure out just how in the heck I’m going to successfully complete NaNoWriMo by the end of this month (it doesn’t look good folks), I find myself up writing this blog post.

Not that I shouldn’t be writing it. I did say way on back that I would have scheduled days to upload (some weeks this is harder to do than others). But my thoughts are careening in so many different directions. What’s interesting is that I’m finding parallels in other places that kind of make sense of this weird predicament.

I’ve been reading up a lot more on Cosmology lately. The topic in itself can pretty much be summed up as the study of the universe from beginning to end and the phenomenon that occurs in between (if someone has a better definition of it, please let me know). I’ve always had a fascination with science and just outer space in general (if you need an example, reference HERE). It’s massive. So massive we can’t wrap our head around how big it is, the distance between objects being so vast that it seems like the universe is mainly empty but it isn’t; and somehow, we exist in it for however long that will be. I can compare that to this blog and my weekly submissions to it. Is anyone really reading them and getting anything out of it day in and day out? Do people relate to my story of having to take care of my reality to continue working towards my dream? Is this really sticking to the metaphorical dartboard somewhere out there in the huge dark internet?

Hopefully that’s not too morbid a concept but that’s how I see the bigger picture.

Which reminded me of one of my favorite musical artists, Big K.R.I.T. He hails from Meridian, Mississippi and is a rap artist, although his catalog far extends past any preconceived notions that you could traditional put on that term. His work includes elements of Blues, poetry, gritty realism, and a splash of southern gospel aesthetic packaged into a man with a deep appreciation of classic southern hip hop, 808 drum patterns, and slick metaphoric storytelling.

I’ve played his song ‘Bigger Picture’ a few times now and it sticks in my head. Although it’s a love song at its core between him and his girl, the video brings the concept into play. His words of looking beyond their current conversation of reconciliation and seeing the larger situation at hand (presented to us as the expanding universe itself and their small place in it) is pretty on the nose but subtly powerful at the same time. Things like that have me take pause and attempt to refocus my efforts on working out this dream of being a writer and tackling my own personal frustrations with external situations conflicting with it.

This platform of mine does not take overt political stances. That’s my personal decision more than anything else because this blog isn’t about that; and it’ll stay that way. But I can’t help but be a bit relieved that I was 30,000+ feet in the air on an airplane while all the craziness was occurring in this country. Isolated in a shared environment with maybe 100 other compliant passengers who were simply on route back home, on travel for business, visiting family, or a myriad of other reasons somehow felt…right. Like a temporary pause on the everyday responsibilities that we can encounter in our lives. I can’t lie and leave out that it honestly felt good to take a break from writing as well and just let my mind focus on the present situation I was in at the time (which were in flight movies and A LOT of sleeping that I had neglected).

So what did I gain from all this?

This type of rambling is usually reserved for Friday and my regularly scheduled Word Vomit posts but it felt right presenting this today. I think it’s proof that our experiences are not isolated from one another. There’s inspiration and examples that naturally exist everywhere if we take the time to look around and acknowledge them. For me, I’ve been seeing them in the books I’ve been reading, the music I’ve been listening to, and even when I had a chance to ‘take a break from it all’ and travel out the country a week ago.

Keep your mind open to all possibilities. You never know what you’ll learn about yourself.

Until next time.


*I don’t own the rights to the video linked in this blog post. All rights go to the appropriate creator*

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