Grab Bag of Thoughts #6


The holiday season is coming up but there’s no time to slow down!!

The fifth installment of my GRAB BAG OF THOUGHTS. For times like this, I’ll string together separate things that have been rattling around in my head but are nowhere near long enough to write full length posts about….yet. Maybe that will come later. Who knows what the future may bring. The topics are below.


I’ve decided to currently put the ‘Word Vomit’ article on hold for now. I came to this decision over the weekend and feel better about it even more as I write this article piece. It’s been getting tougher attempting to develop topics for it; and not because of necessarily inspiration. But I wanted to curate exactly what happened with that weekly column. I started it share my random writing submissions and attempt to make sense of them in plain view of the reading public as a sort of cathartic exercise. But at a certain point I stopped feeling comfortable sharing everything. Part of the reason being that some ideas I wanted to contribute to a novel I’m working on and not share them prematurely. The other reason being that I had fallen out of love with the idea in general.

Attempting to supplant that original purpose with random topics that were currently on my mind worked for a little while. But I shied away from the blog becoming a ‘ranting platform.’ This place is a space away from that. I didn’t want it to morph into that without me realizing it. So for now, I’ll retire that column. Not sure what will come in place of it but I’ll figure that out by Thursday night.


I mentioned many moons ago that I had an interesting in copy editing. Well, I decided to take the plunge for a class that I’ve been hovering over for the last two months. The American Copy Editors Society provides a certificate in copy editing that I find pretty comprehensive. Their network of resources could be beneficial for me making some good connections for actual jobs in that area on the side. Next month I’ll provide an update on my progress.


I have seriously been slacking on my reading. I literally haven’t read a single book in the past two months. What in the world is wrong with me? I can’t be that busy can I? In lieu of my falling off the deep end, I looked on my bookshelf and pulled a book down to get back into a monthly cycle. I chose Richard Stark’s The Hunter based off of my love for the outstanding graphic novel interpretation Darwyn Cooke did five or six years ago (may he rest in peace). It’s been long enough since reading it that I feel like I can now consume the prose without feeling like I know every narrative beat that’s coming my way.


I completely FAILED at NaNoWriMo this year but I still feel some type of accomplishment towards it. I have a focus towards my next manuscript. I’m going to sit down and actually fine tune my original outline for the science fiction novella I had and take it seriously. More to come on that down the pipeline.



That’s all I have for now! See you next month.

Until next time.

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