My Monday Morning Musings

My Monday morning commutes without podcasts would be a nightmare.

Live life intensely.

Consider me an official fan of this podcast off the first listen.

That quote was provided by Dora Goss on the I Should Be Writing podcast. Something that I’ve been subscribed to for a while but just now started listening to. I’m glad I did; and especially at this moment. From what I can infer, the host of the show (named Mur Lafferty) is a published author who previously quit her day job and worked towards becoming a full-time author. In addition, she created the podcast to speak on different topics in relation to writing and aspiring fiction writers and interviews those who are already in the industry (hence the quote above).

I needed a pick me up in this regard because I feel like one aspect of my life is starting to overtake the other. I know that you need to take care of your reality first before working towards your dreams. But how easy is it to let one eclipse you of the resolve you have for the other? One thing that opened up my eyes profusely was what Mur mentioned in episode 345 (how random is it that I just happened to pick this one as my first?). This idea of making yourself bogged down with so many extra activities because of this societal concept of equating lack of time to fulfillment.

Some people feel like being overworked directly reflects the amount of meaningful good you’re doing throughout your day. Think about it. Some people will easily work eight or more hours in one day AND then still bring something home with them! Or stack so many extracurricular activities that they never have time to simply ‘recharge.’ I’ve been that guy at many points in my life. One of the negatives of having an extremely organized personality. I like to schedule my day out.

But how busy are you really? The things that you are doing. Are they immensely fulfilling and worth the time? This doesn’t include real world responsibilities that have to be taken care of. But I mean the other metaphorical pile of time sapping duties. Could they be supplanted with something else that’s more useful? Or maybe you just don’t need to be that busy in the first place and slow it down a bit? I spoke on the importance of ‘disconnecting’ for a bit and for some reason this has come back around. But not in the same way.

This blog is about me wanting to become a published author. How much work have I made towards that? Not much; and I am definitely to blame in that regard. If you want to do something, you’ll find a way to do it. No matter what. That mind state is one that I need to revisit. Regardless of my job and the hours I work. Since that can’t be controlled I need to manage what I do around that. As I mentioned in my last grab bag, I’m starting a copy editing training course now and hope to gain a lot out of it. I’ll also need to reorganize my approach to a writing schedule. Outside of my blog posts I don’t have one and my manuscript from two years ago is sitting on my table at home half edited and staring at me in shame.

So to put it simply, I need to clean up my act and get focused. The upcoming holidays have a way of reminding you of what you need in your life to be happy. Seeing a fully edited and complete work of writing will do just that for me.

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