Just What Breaks Are Made For

How easy is it to get so caught up in the ‘daily grind’ that you start to begin to break away from some of your favorite things in the world to do?

Pretty easy in fact.

Last week I was motivated and inspired to be the change that I wanted to see. That hasn’t gone away either but that clarity has now passed onto another hobby of mine that I feel like I’ve neglected. Reading. Something that I used to do at such an amazing pace has considerably slowed down in the last two months; and by slow down I mean I haven’t read a full length novel up until about two weeks ago when I decided to start reading a fictional crime thriller (The Hunter¬†by Richard Stark that I first showed HERE).

It’s the end of the year and I FINALLY have some time to breathe. I’m taking a bit of time off to visit family and just generally get away for a bit. But unlike some of my other trips this one won’t be for the sake of fun but a welcome reprieve. No exotic location but just centering myself back with family and hopefully turning that positive energy into a means to come back in 2017 a more rejuvenated and focused me!

So I’ll be posting once more on December 21st and then taking a break until January. It’s been an incredible 2016 and I’m looking forward to providing myself some retrospective on my next post.

Until then.

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