The Year 2016 from A 10,000 Foot View


Cheers to 2016!

This post comes a bit later than I wanted it to but like my favorite saying goes…‘Sometimes Life Happens.’ It’s the day after Christmas and with all of us being collectively on the tail end of 2016, it made me begin to think a bit more retrospectively on the year. I don’t want this to turn into a ‘top ten’ list or any of the other collection of posts that are uploaded for the sake of clicks. Instead I’ll try my best to keep this as brief and concise as possible.

First off, and most important of all, thank you.

The internet has a way of coating everything within a gift wrapping of anonymity (see the timely pun I did there?!). Meaning that you’re never 100% sure who you can be interacting with or who is really keeping track of your content and if they’re a fan or not. Regardless, for all those who have taken the time to read the things that I’ve posted on here on a scheduled basis, you guys gave me the needed push to keep going. WordPress provides analytical tools to allow you to see the number of people viewing content, leaving comments, and more. Some days I was completely shocked that people took the time to even click my ‘Read More’ links and read the things I’ve written (there are a handful of posts I’m actually quite proud of. There’s also a swath of ones that make me cringe to go back on).

Secondly, I want to become more focused.

I recognize the fact that my scheduled days of uploading content began to peter off right around the time of November; and even though I can blame it on much-needed vacation time during an extremely stressful time in my professional life, that seems like a cop-out. Especially when there was ample time to prepare, like I did when I went to the Caribbean. The bottom line is that I became a bit burned out and stopped wanting to plan out things accordingly with this blog because I was tired…mentally and physically.

Thirdly, I want to reign in my original premise for this blog.

I WANT TO BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR BY TRADE. Saying it and typing it and thinking about it help the actuality of it. But none of that sidesteps the important fact that I need to apply my 10,000+ hours to the craft. Just like this blog challenged me to write more and think more about writing in general, I need to put some very public pressure on myself to attack my previously written manuscript as well as getting down on paper the other ideas I have. Maybe a weekly report on that kind of progress (idea for the future). As well as a return to my daily 100 word challenges (which have become COMPLETELY nonexistent since November as well.)

Lastly, I want all of this to be fun and motivating in the year 2017.

There’s no point to all of this if I’m miserable. So I need to edit my mind state as well as my written work. Remove as much unnecessary stress from my life as possible and manage the unavoidable aspects. Taking care of myself will only positively affect the things in my life directly affiliated with me right?

So that’s it for 2016! It’s been an amazing year fraught with a myriad of learning experiences in the context of this blog, my writing, and even more so with my life. I hope to do even more next year. See you then.

Cheers to an amazing 2017 folks!

Until next time.

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