Dipping My Toes in the E-Reader Water??

There’s just something about holding a physical book in your hand that’s so satisfying. The flipping of pages marking continual progress as you ingest pertinent information that hopefully builds into a satisfying story. By the last page, if you haven’t been bamboozled, you’re left with a feeling of completion; and while the narrative itself may have left you with a variety of other emotions, you’re still pleased that you went on that creative journey.

Closing the book and removing your bookmark is almost symbolic in itself, as you put it back on the shelf to hopefully revisit in an indeterminate time in the future. On to the next one.

I’ve never completed an electronic work of prose. E-book, pdf, or WHATEVER type of format. For some reason, my brain doesn’t make the logical connection to push me to keep going. I don’t know what it is. My last attempt was several years ago and I think those pdf files are still on my desktop unopened.

This idea of attempting to try again started from thinking on how much I like to read comic books on my phone now. As you know from this blog, I love graphic novels and single issue comics books just as much as prose. I make use of my Marvel Unlimited account quite a bit to keep up with storylines that I’m interested in. I use Comixology as well, but not as much in the past few months. But both are worth checking out (the amount of physical space I save not having to buy these single issues of comics is AMAZING in itself).

The next hint came from a few friends who I know use Kindles and are just as rabidly invested in reading as I am. They have the Kindle Paperwhite and love it; and while I’m not sold on spending that much money on a tablet-ISH device to read again, I am curious. Loading some of my favorite novels as well as being able to quickly try certain new ones would be ideal. Even more so traveling would be SO MUCH SIMPLER without having to make space adjustments for the latest thick tome I have that’s coming with me on a plane.

So consider my curiosity peaked. This wouldn’t be an upcoming purchase. But maybe something I keep my eye out for in the near future if a sale comes along OR as a gift. I’m willing to give digital books another go. Can’t be afraid of change.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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