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Attacking Organization and Social Media in April


Arriving at the end of March and I’ve dragged a bit into mapping out the rest of the year in regards to how I want to tackle my plans for completing my novel ideas and actually turning them into….novels. Based on my conversation last week, I will break it down by months in order to not overload myself, as work has gotten even busier than ever.

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Stretching Those Creative Muscles


Saturday night, I finally had the chance to play something that I’ve been intrigued with for months now. A few months back, I spoke on my love for Choose Your Own Adventure books and why they were such a critical part of my creative development when I was growing up. Years later and I’m literally choosing my adventure with a few friends.

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Figuring Out This Blogging Thing

Can you believe it’s the weekend ALREADY?!

It seems like it was just Monday. Though I’m not complaining in the slightest at the thought of reaching another few days to metaphorically catch my breath, hang with friends, and hopefully get some quiet time to really immerse myself in the new Mass Effect game that just came out this week (I’m SUPER excited). But all of this is beating around the bush for the real reason that I wrote this post in the first place.

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Appeasing the Prose Gods


So it seems as if even the brick and mortar book stores are conspiring against allowing me to gain a copy of God’s Debris within a reasonable amount of time. Well, it wouldn’t be life without having to be adaptable to different situations, so I’ve decided to shift around my reading schedule for the month.

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Updated Book Reviews


A Wednesday post?! *GASP, SHOCK, and AWE*

It’s been awhile since I came into Tuesday evening slapping myself on the forehead, remembering that the middle of the week was only a few hours away and that I needed to generate some type of content for The Nifty Notebook. Back during the earlier days of this blog, I would post three times a week and this was a regular occurrence unfortunately.

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