Attacking Organization and Social Media in April


Arriving at the end of March and I’ve dragged a bit into mapping out the rest of the year in regards to how I want to tackle my plans for completing my novel ideas and actually turning them into….novels. Based on my conversation last week, I will break it down by months in order to not overload myself, as work has gotten even busier than ever.

But while the rest of 2017 isn’t mapped out, I have been thinking on the month of April and what can be done to get myself started on this path. After all, the hardest part of starting something new is that first step; and taking some inspiration off of conversations I’ve had with friends as well as other blogs like mine with beginning authors or aspiring writers like myself, I think that in April my first two goals should be the following:

  1. Consolidating all my different writing ideas, my manuscript, notes on different topics I’ve researched, etc, into an easily accessible repository that is organized for future use.
  2. Begin building an online presence in order to communicate with others like me, as well as with those who have been down this path in order to learn as much as I can from real people.

Not too hard of a start right? But I think this portion is the most important, especially number one. I had a physical manuscript on my counter that I’ve only edited thirty pages of, notes on world building for another novel idea in another notebook written down, and even more reference for other write ups typed up in documents scattered on my computer or in my Google Drive. When it’s time to pull certain docs together in order to compare ideas, it sucks that I have to recall quite a few locations in order to figure out what I need. So I hope Evernote is going to rectify all of that.


This is by no means a sponsored blog post or anything of the like but I’ve heard enough good things about the program from others to give it a try. If nothing else, it forces me to make sense of my chaotic process and refine it into something usable. In the same instance, I’ll be centrally locating all my ideas, even if they are still located in other areas. That’s the cool thing about Evernote, from what I read. It works across so many different platforms; and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a much more productive writer on a computer than with pad and pencil (although I still LOVE jotting down notes in notebooks). Before the end of this month, I will definitely post an update on my experiences with it.

The second point listed above would actually work in tandem with this blog as well. Outside of word of mouth and utilizing my personal social media, my audience pool isn’t that large. I want to tap into a larger network of people who not only have similar aspirations as me but can relate to some of my interests as well (I’ve spoken plenty of times on here about non-writing things I love such as reading and music). The first step in this would be to create a social media account. I’m thinking of Twitter as the best choice (A social media platform that utilizes words to get your point across? Sounds like a no brainer). I’m also thinking of Reddit as well, with the wealth of information that is disseminated through their forums on a daily basis. It wouldn’t hurt.

All in all, I have a solid plan that I can start with in the month of April to get me on my way. LET THE MONTH BEGIN!

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