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Another Monday Musing # 3


I think there’s something to be said for laying out a goal, figuring out the steps needed to achieve that goal, and then taking those necessary steps toward it.

I think there’s even more to be said about the person who stays on that course even when their view of the finish line (their goal) starts to become a bit obscured. We’re all human right? With that comes a predisposition to becoming distracted and trailing off our chosen path a bit, caught up in the pitfalls that life presents to us at times. The worse ones usually being the ones that seem to catch us completely unaware.

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2017 Reading Challenge…..Update??

Welcome to March! Almost faster than I can keep track of, we’re now one-fourth of the way into the year 2017. Where does the time go? Like seriously?

For the uninitiated, starting back in January, I began a personal literary challenge in order to start back reading more (you can see my whole thought process for that HERE). For the most part, I’ve been incredibly successful and staying on track; and the beautiful part about this self-imposed challenge is my annoying habit for wanting to keep deadlines no matter what. Which keeps me from wanting to slack off.

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