Crunch Time for Writing Again

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As we creep closer to midnight, I’m just now getting a chance to really sit down and gather my thoughts from the very ‘trying’ day. Trying is perhaps an understatement of epic proportions but it wouldn’t be life without a curve ball thrown at you every inning or so. But now’s not the time for that. The time is for sharing another writing contest that I want to submit to.

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I initially stumbled upon this through social media (where a giant number of great ideas are if you can filter out the hogwash). Instagram has become a curious incubator of sorts for me. For many years, I was a grumpy old man who didn’t want to invest my time in something as vain as ‘taking pictures’ of myself ad nauseam. I still don’t. But I would be doing Instagram a disservice to only label the platform as just that. I have pulled so much creative inspiration from there that it’s ridiculous! Plus…every now and then I’ll post a picture of myself (can’t forget the foundation of what it is at least). But mainly if I post, it’s usually quotes or others things I see/I’m doing that I think are cool and worth showing.

Cut to randomly being on my timeline and an account I follow, called writers.block.fighter, reposting a picture for the above contest from a site called Writer’s Prophet. I had never of it before but I was definitely intrigued. I mentioned awhile ago that I used Literistic for a well put together emailed list of writing submission contests. I also touched on my feelings following the response I received from my first attempt at entering a writing competition. The second time around, I feel even more confident about the submission process. Not that I lacked it before but the first time you hear someone politely rejecting your work takes the sting out of it for next time.

The urgency of this contest also motivates me to just spend a day plotting out an idea and just running with it. Especially considering that the deadline day is Easter Sunday, a time I always spend with family. Not too much time to get this done. Even less to refine what I write. But I retain the rights to my story and there’s a possibility at a cash prize. I’ve already paid my ten dollars so I’m not letting my entry go to waste. At 1,500 words max for length about a non-human entity giving its perspective, I’m not sure what I can pull from that. I’m absolutely willing to try though.

So into the fray we go.

Until next time.

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