Missed Opportunities

It’s Thursday night while I’m writing this and I’m looking back on the previous weekend and this work week like it was a blur. Easter was on Sunday and I made the familiar sojourn back home to visit my family and enjoy their company for a few days. It was a much-needed break away from the city and from my daily routine as well. But I also hoped to use it as a creative opportunity.

An opportunity to submit to my second writing contest.

I’ve spoken on the Writer’s Prophet writing contest in a previous post. This one was only open to those who paid a $10 fee and signed up for the contest in advance to ensure a slot. Their logic was to have a limited amount of contestants to ensure that their panel of judges gave ample time for critique on each submission. With an interesting premise to write on (Write a short story from the perspective of a non-human entity) and gumption to accomplish this, I planned on giving all last week my time to prepare notes, brainstorm, and start outlining out a premise for my short story.

This turned into realizing on Saturday night that the deadline was the next day and knowing that there was no way that I could comfortably write something (even with the max word count being 1500 words), revise it to the point that I was confident in it, and then submit it. This was on top of being a good host due to my parents hosting Easter dinner as well. Sunday came and went and I saw with grim realization that there was no chance of me accomplishing it.

Does it suck? Absolutely; and just like the title of this post, I’ve missed an opportunity to get my work back out there. Even if it would’ve come with rejection like my first one. I liked the notes I made for my short story enough to still want to write it. Or at the very least use it as inspiration towards something else. So I will still write it. But I can’t help but shake my fist ruefully in the air at letting that $10 go to waste.

But sometimes life happens.

Until next time.

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