Early Morning Musings – Learning from Adversity

Putting it all together…

Late for a “Monday Morning Musing” post I know, but the message is still timely. In the course of spending this month getting all my affairs in order to begin drafting my novel next month, my favorite slogan of ‘Sometimes Life Happens’ reared its ugly head again. Real world situations occurred to have me contemplate the decisions I make and how I should move forward.

Like your favorite character in a novel or even in a tv show, you reach a crossroad of sorts that provides you a pretty realistic view on the perils of what can go wrong if you don’t wise up pretty fast and make smarter decisions. I truly believe that we’re all put on this planet with divine instructions inside of us to guide us towards a purpose. Regardless of whether you’re religious, spiritual, or none of the above, I think we all can agree that just about everyone has something they can contribute to the big picture. In more ways than one.

My point in all this, at the start of the work week, is to pay attention to noticeable signs of needing to cut out negative thoughts, actions, people, and things from your life. Especially when you’re being given a “heads up.” Have family and friends that will always give you real advice and never shy away from providing honesty, despite your feelings. You need reprimand at times. Most importantly, focus on mind, body, and spirit and working to keep all three in balance because if you’re out of whack internally, then everything connected to you externally can suffer too. It’s understandable to beat yourself up after a misstep. But faltering for too long serves no purpose. Pick yourself back up with new resolve and keep moving forward.

Until next time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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