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Memorial Day Reading Challenge Update


A short update on this Memorial Day holiday for my 2017 Reading Challenge!

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Not Letting Fear Get in the Way

There’s no such thing as living life on the edge if you have no fear in the first place.

As I head back home and proceed back into day-to-day reality again, I was reminded of why I do this again… 

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Revisiting An Old Friend at the Movies


Dark corridors and a creepy suspicion of dangers around the next corner. Tightly focused camera shots of the last survivors of a gruesome attack, at their wit’s end, knowing that one wrong decision will find them meeting the same fate. These are the conceptsĀ I’ve long associated with the long running Alien franchise and is what I was revisited with last night while watching the movie.

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Not Taking Everything Too Personally


Continuing down the path of playing catch up with my 2017 Reading Challenge, I switched up my earlier choice for my second book to finish in April from The Cleansweep Conspiracy by Chuck Waldron (which is a self published book) to The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz (which is an award-winning book). It was a book that I had meant to read for the longest but never did; and for the sake of expediency on getting to my two reading choices for May so that I don’t fall further behind, I started reading it last week.

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Not Being Weighed Down by Distractions

Without realizing it, we’re all holding onto baggage that weighs us down to the point of drowning.

I’m writing this Sunday night, thinking about the work week to come and the thought of all the things I need to accomplish is bordering on overwhelming.

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