Not Being Weighed Down by Distractions

Without realizing it, we’re all holding onto baggage that weighs us down to the point of drowning.

I’m writing this Sunday night, thinking about the work week to come and the thought of all the things I need to accomplish is bordering on overwhelming.

For those who live and die by the planner like I do, do you ever see your list of activities after writing them all down and just wonder how it’ll all get done within the span of that 24 hours? It’s almost amazing to think that we share the same amount of time a day with billionaires, world leaders, and those who make decisions that affect the entire globe. How in the world do they accomplish everything they need to do during the day? Outside of the fact that they probably have assistants and other staff to keep them on track?

Whether we’re in school, working full-time, a parent, or any combination of the three, there’s usually some type of schedule that needs to be balanced with everything else in our lives. As you’ve seen within the context of this blog, I’m balancing my passion for reading and writing, working a pretty engrossing career, engaging in an active personal life, and writing a novel. But through all this, there are some days where I find myself woefully unmotivated to take the steps needed to proceed forward to the next level, falling short of where I need to be; and many times, it has nothing to do with my inability to accomplish goals but because I let myself get sidetracked by distractions.

Distractions will easily throw you off the path that you were meant to head towards. People, places, things, and even the thoughts inside your own head can deter you from heading right where you need to be if you’re not careful. They are the dream killers. Growing up, I always heard that it takes around 20 days for something that you do everyday to become a habit and become indistinguishable from your routine. This is dangerous when we include toxic things in our lives that have diminishing returns. Before we know it, it’s something that’s just a part of us and it becomes even harder to break out of.

We all have that one (or maybe a few) thing in our life that we need to shed like a heavy overcoat in the Summer. Whether it is a toxic relationship, habit, job, or even thought pattern, you won’t move forward until you begin to really start examining all the things in your life that either lift you up or pull you down. In this context there is no middle ground.

Positive affirmation can start with simply seeing the very things that you think about on a daily basis written on paper.

We all have the capacity to do amazing things if we put the right amount of effort towards them. Of course I won’t sit here and tell you that there won’t be bumps in the road on the way to those goals. 2017 has already been an amazing teacher to me in regards to showing what can happen when you lose sight of what’s important even for a second. Life can change faster than we all expect and take a terrible turn for the worse; and before we know it, we’re sitting in a rut that we can’t pull ourselves out of.

Whether its prayer, the words of a great family member or friend, meditation, or even just taking time for yourself, we all need something in our lives to pull us back to our center and remind us of our destination. Is there something in your life that emotionally, physically, or mentally drains you? Remove it right now! Even if you are unable to completely remove it from your life (for a variety of reasons), you can change your mindset for how you interact with it on a daily basis.

There are a total of 8,760 hours in a year. When you’re not sleeping you need to make every single one of them count towards something. Is there a milestone that you want to accomplish for 2017? Well, it won’t happen when you let distractions and naysayers derail you from the plan you’re making to accomplish it. Will it be easy? The things we need to achieve the most never really are. But it makes it so much more satisfying when we get them. Keep your eyes forward and focus on the finish line.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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  1. Very good article identifying a problem that haunts so many of us. When we are enthusiastice and highly motivated, it is sometimes difficult to lighten the load and not put more on the plate. I admire those with the ability to be able to say “no” to taking on new personal tasks/favors when they know they will do it well, but also know they will not have the time. Thanks for a great article!

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