The Power of Positive Affirmation

Face it, we all have those things in our lives that we want to accomplish. It could be something as basic as just getting up enough motivation to exercise at the gym consistently. Maybe you want to avoid one less donut in the company break room in the morning. Do you have a coworker who continues to stir up drama involving you? Perhaps you consider it a personal accomplishment to not cuss them out and stay professional on a weekly basis.

The point being that no matter how small or large your goal may seem to you, it still requires your active participation in order to accomplish it. My last few Monday Musings posts have focused on the power of setting goals, not being afraid of failure, and accepting risks but I think putting yourself in the right mindset predates all of that. There’s no race if you don’t even get yourself to the racetrack in the first place.

One notebook is purely for jotting down positive things and thoughts that I encounter in my daily life. The other will be the ‘idea journal’ for me simply listing things that I want to accomplish. I want to constantly be thinking of ways to improve myself.

I try my hardest on a daily basis to invite only the type of energy that is conducive to my further development of a positive person. Of course you can’t always control what other people will do or say but I can always control my reaction. This also includes what I choose to follow and read on my timelines across all the social media platforms. I’d be lying if I didn’t like to read a little bit of messiness for my entertainment every few days but only in controlled amounts. Dipping yourself into that part of the internet for too long leaves a stain that’s a bit hard to wash out of your psyche.

Live life, love hard, and find people who lift you up but challenge you to always give your best effort. Even when you don’t want to. ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to; and most importantly, find a passion that you’re willing to do even when a dollar sign isn’t attached to it. We all need to find something to do that activates that ‘purpose’ portion of our brain.

No matter how mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically tough we are, there’s a breaking point. Be aware of those limits and even more so, be aware of what you can do to recharge yourself when your tank is almost on E. We all can do everything we set out to accomplish if we visualize it first.

Until next time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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  1. We can ALL use a re-charge now and then. Also think it’s important to stay “positive” regardless how you do it. I enjoyed reading this; had a personal connection.

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