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The Retrospective Eclipse


Yesterday across the United States, a scientific phenomenon that hasn’t happened in close to 100 years occurred. Something that caused millions of people to temporarily translocate in order to see it.

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Reviewing the Inktober Book

Earlier this week, I spoke on why the internet can sometimes be an amazing resource to utilize for good. Ignoring all the examples of when it can be used terribly because I’m in a glass half full mood today, we’ll continue that trend with talking about a pretty cool graphic novel that I bought.

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The Distinction of Motivation Versus Discipline


Every now and then, the internet reminds me of just why it’s undefeated. Look long enough and there are amazing things you will find that completely articulate a feeling or thought that’s been mulling around in your head for the longest. A feeling that you couldn’t 100% put into words to apply. About a week ago, I had one of those moments.

Through a post on Facebook, an interaction between an anonymous user on Tumblr with a violinist produced an amazing bit of dialogue. Unfortunately the post didn’t include the names of the two people talking.

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My Lukewarm Relationship With Classic Fantasy


Yesterday I sat down The Summer Tree with annoyance on my counter. This was probably the fifth time I’ve done this since I started reading the book. But the reason for it probably isn’t what you’d expect. I’ve been attempting to read this book at a sluggish pace for the better part of two months now (it’s definitely slowing down my reading challenge) and keep running into moments where I have to just sit it down and just take a break from it; and I’ve been wondering why.

I feel like I’ve had this feeling before.

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