Day Nine of My NaNoWriMo

Still trucking along at a steady pace for the month of November.

Unfortunately, I didn’t post in three days like I originally said I would. But we all know life happens and my day job has been nothing short of all-encompassing as I get extra hours towards the Christmas holiday. National Novel Writing Month has been the perfect vehicle for motivating myself to write SOMETHING each day. The notion of outputting 50,000 words in one single month this year is a bit above my current writing output….

The current listing of my word count per day on my novel.

Ok, to be honest, it’s far and above my output. Over the last nine days, I’ve seen that even at my best I was only getting about 1,000 words in. That’s below the proposed 1,667 words per day.

But that’s perfectly fine. Adjusting expectations to realistic goals is a part of life; and the most important thing to do is making sure that I keep going. I plan to. See you in three days for real next time.

“Aaron Silvers, an eighteen year old student at AP-128 high school, had graduated. He was happy. Ecstatic would be a better word to describe his feelings but there were still other emotions in the back of his mind as well. This was the end of a particular path that he had been moving towards his entire life. He had no idea what came past this. He was still undecided and he knew those decisions would have him up late at night this summer. But he pushed away that thought for the future to mull on. He high-fived his sister and hugged both his mother and grandfather tightly. In the rush of group pictures, doing hilarious poses, reading the diploma multiple times to his crying mother, and celebrating with his friends, there would be time to worry about the future. For now he would savor this moment.”

Author: Mr. Nifty

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