Day Twelve of My NaNoWriMo

The temptation of rest and relaxation hit me hard Friday night.

The previous week saw me work quite a bit of overtime, honestly making my daily writing personal challenge a bit of a mental test as well. So when Friday hit, I took full advantage of taking the chance to catch my breath and relax…and not write ANYTHING at all.

*Sigh* Looking back on it, I do regret not even getting out a few hundred words towards my novel. But I have to admit that I enjoyed the heck out of playing hours of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and just getting away from it all, if only for a little bit. It has so many little touches of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim that make it such a wonderful game for escapism.

Saturday had me reach 1,128 words, a personal best for the month of November. But it was tough. I found myself continuously distracted as I typed. Even more so, I feel like I should be beyond setup for my novel but I’m still heavily mired in it. So much so, that I’m now skipping around a bit and fleshing out future areas of my story. Some parts are much more concrete in my mind of how they should proceed.

As I shared in my last post, my main character, Aaron Silvers, has just crossed the threshold of graduation from high school. He is between decisions of staying on the satellite and working in the family business or moving to the larger colony and striving for more. It’s the classic story of a small town person leaving his humble beginnings for the big city. Although my story has the backdrop of science fiction as he will soon brush shoulders with a dangerous alien race. It is slice-of-life mixed with the beginnings of sci-fi adventure.

Now to finish my writing for the day.

Until next time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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