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My Retrospective on 2017

We’ve arrived at the end of 2017 everybody! Good to see that you made it with me!

It’s a few days post-Christmas and I’ve scrounged together enough time to type up a few words on my retrospective of this year past. Like last year, I don’t plan on making this your traditional ‘top ten’ list or anything of the sort. Instead, I just want to take the time to simply catch my breath and relay my thoughts. My review of my year.

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Celebrating A Happy Holidays

During the month of December, there are a variety of different traditions celebrated; and no matter which one you take part in, it’s still a time of sharing great memories with the ones you love. At the heart of it all, that’s what it’s really about.

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Motivation to Turn the Page With Goodreads

2017 was supposed to be my year of getting back on the wagon with my reading. Recovering from a slightly disappointing 2016, as my number of books that I completed tapered off, I found a goal in my 2017 Reading Challenge. Little did I know that things would not end up the way that I wanted. The second half of the year would see me COMPLETELY get sidetracked by a whole host of things within the realm of real life.

But what can I say besides the old adage of ‘Life Happens?’

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Keeping the Passion Going

Keeping the literary grind going! It’s easy to slow down during the holidays.

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Hype Through Media Is the Best Medicine

Growing up, Fall and Winter brought about a whole host of feelings and hype. Things like temperatures dropping and slipping on warmer boots and jackets; indulging in warm hot chocolate at night (and egg nog as I got older); watching graying skies as freezing rain or flurries fell down; and depending on where I lived, sometimes snow.

Passing Thanksgiving and moving into December meant Christmas was approaching. As a kid, no holiday got you excited more than Christmas. The television specials, the opportunity to hopefully get something you wanted, and even getting days off from school. We all remember those simpler times with a warm fondness. As an adult, we think back on those times as ‘what used to be’ and sometimes forget that we can still kindle those memories today.

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