Hype Through Media Is the Best Medicine

Growing up, Fall and Winter brought about a whole host of feelings and hype. Things like temperatures dropping and slipping on warmer boots and jackets; indulging in warm hot chocolate at night (and egg nog as I got older); watching graying skies as freezing rain or flurries fell down; and depending on where I lived, sometimes snow.

Passing Thanksgiving and moving into December meant Christmas was approaching. As a kid, no holiday got you excited more than Christmas. The television specials, the opportunity to hopefully get something you wanted, and even getting days off from school. We all remember those simpler times with a warm fondness. As an adult, we think back on those times as ‘what used to be’ and sometimes forget that we can still kindle those memories today.

Later this week, our annual yuletide helping of Star Wars comes to the theaters in the form of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The summertime is no longer the only period for big blockbuster motion pictures. For close to a decade now, the spectacle of nerd culture and fandom has been front and center on screens. Marvel, DC, Transformers, TMNT, epic fantasy, and now Star Wars for the past few years occupy our weekends (and even weekdays for the hardcore and committed). We spend the entire year theorizing on movie trailers, teaser clips, teasers OF the teaser clips, and all the minutia that surrounds the release. We consume pop culture podcasts, read various articles and blog hot takes, and watch YouTube videos breaking down what we’ve seen frame-by-frame.

Just as recent as weeks ago, the world lost its mind (me included) at the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. The ultimate culmination of ten years of interconnected cinematic storytelling and its been a hell of a ride seeing these same characters I used to read in books now being on the big screen and appreciated by millions. But I can’t help but also hear discontent amongst a particular set of people who fear the worst. Who every year count down the time before ‘media implosion.’

That’s my point. I hear from just as many people who are tired of people overtly excited about their fandom, hype for their favorite things being brought to TV, online platforms, movies, or even just in the conversation at conventions. There’s so much speculation on ‘Pop Culture bubbles bursting’ and the public eventually getting tired of seeing way too much content that it’ll eventually pop and come crashing down

That’s not to say that I have a problem with people who have zero interest in a lot of this stuff. That’s fine. I just wonder why some people make it their business to attempt to rain on everyone else’s parade. I don’t care if it’s Westworld, Sex in the City, Twilight, Real Housewives, the NBA, tabletop gaming, or even collecting weird musical instruments. There’s a subculture for every interest and it doesn’t pay to put down someone who has a vested interest in their community and what they love.

No matter where you live on the planet, there is currently a world issue happening that directly affects you. Economic stability, global advancement of equality, the destruction of totalitarianism regimes, and much more are constant debates amongst us as a worldwide society. Even if you’re aware of it or not. Life and the decisions we make have far-reaching consequences. It’s immensely important to hone in on them, be knowledgeable of the issue, and then aid in any way possible.

We all have a breaking point. Becoming inundated with a twenty-four hour cycle of news, especially with things that sap away rather than give back will drain you to the point of not being productive in any capacity. It’s perfectly fine to sometimes sit back and enjoy a good book, video-game, tv show, or even watching our favorite team play a game. When you’re feeling under the weather, you take medicine; and sometimes when the world has us at odds, consumption of our favorite media (print and/or digital) can be the best medicine to temporarily make us feel better. We all need a mental disconnect at times.

We spend so much time speaking and typing on what we don’t like, we forget to make time reveling in what we love. Even if you find yourself all aboard on the hype train for a stop or two, there’s nothing wrong with escapism to a certain point. Take a breather and enjoy something you once loved or find something new to attach to. Because if we can’t even do that, then there’s a bigger problem ahead of all of us.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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