Motivation to Turn the Page With Goodreads

2017 was supposed to be my year of getting back on the wagon with my reading. Recovering from a slightly disappointing 2016, as my number of books that I completed tapered off, I found a goal in my 2017 Reading Challenge. Little did I know that things would not end up the way that I wanted. The second half of the year would see me COMPLETELY get sidetracked by a whole host of things within the realm of real life.

But what can I say besides the old adage of ‘Life Happens?’

I had a great conversation with my friend over at Scrawl and Spirits about a nifty (pun not intended) little site called Goodreads and just how it may be the key to getting me to push through reading more in 2018. I had previously heard about the site through a seminar that I went to all the way back in February. But didn’t look too deep into it due to not being anywhere near where I wanted to be on my writing. Fast forward to yesterday, with some downtime at work, and I decide to visit the site and really get a chance to see what it’s about.

It’s a logical organization of books that you want to read, are reading, and have already read, with a PLETHORA of descriptions and tags that you can use to disseminate in between those descriptions. Even more interesting was me being able to tie my Amazon account to it and pull in all the books I had ordered through the site and create virtual shelves to organize them. The inner OCD in me was ecstatic. So much so that I spent an hour updating the 188 books that I populated my account with.

You don’t realize how much you’ve actually been reading until you see metrics right in front of you.

188 of the books were things that I had ordered ON AMAZON! Holy cow! Even more surprising was that I had read and completed more than 76% of them and was left with a much smaller chunk that I still wanted to read. Putting that down into real numbers actually filled me with confidence in knowing that I hadn’t slowed down as much as I thought over the years. But considering this is a timeline over the last 5 years or so, I know I don’t want to become complacent.

As shown above, I am currently reading two books (I literally just finished World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden before I wrote this and took it off my ‘Currently Reading’ virtual bookshelf). The world-building book is aiding me is learning the real-world science behind crafting a livable and more importantly ‘lived in’ science fiction narrative. I will be reading this continually to help hone the research necessary for those type of stories. Ubik was suggested by my reading group and I hope to finish it in the next few weeks. This list will live on the homepage of my blog to keep motivating me to follow through with whatever I’m reading.

I have reading goals for the year 2018 but I plan on sharing them at the top of the year. Don’t want to jump the gun. For now, I’ll keep on keeping on.

Until next time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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