2018 Flash Fiction Challenge

I decided to not post on the blog twice in one day like I mentioned on yesterday. The last thing I wanted to do was ramp up content to start spamming on here. So here we are!

2016 was about attempting NaNoWriMo once more like I did in 2013 (and completed); and through that effort, I came out VERY invigorated with the ideas that I had established for a science fiction story that had been bubbling around in my head since college.

2017 had me destroying the doubt and not squandering the remaining part of the year to finally work on my second novel (which evolved out of my efforts in 2016). I not only put the battery in my own back but I worked to motivate other very capable people to hone their own hobbies and dreams and work towards consistency.

2018 will have me learn more about establishing brevity in my words. I use too many of them at times when my point can be explained much more efficiently. More importantly, I like to constantly think up new projects to keep me motivated. So this year I’ll be attempting more flash fiction!

The best flash fiction definition I could quickly find.

There’s something powerful in a complete story communicated with a smaller and concise amount of words. This is something that’s become more popular over the last few years; and I hope to use this as a jumping pad to submitting to more contests this year. My personal goal is to find two flash fiction writing prompts a week and give myself three days to complete something towards each of them respectively.

Being four days in, I already have one completed and I’m currently searching for the next. I’ll share it below:

Love this Instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/writing.prompt.s/

“It’s done.”

Those were the last words I heard before finding myself back in a house I thought I would never see again. The soft words of the mage spell bounced back and forth in my head. Time and space were peeled back like the layers of a large onion as she seemed to insert me exactly where I needed to be in the cosmos. Dim lit candles, stonewalled tiles, and friendly faces forged in battle gave way to a blackness that swallowed me whole. It was overwhelming. The creeping sensation of overstimulation was upon me. It was a darkness more inky than anything I had ever seen within the hellish pits we had fought and conquered.

 It was eerie how locked away memories could burst forward. I remembered this room. It was familiar. The smell of times long past peeked out from corners of my mind I had long forgotten about. I took the time to undo my sash and felt the weight of my broadsword drop from my body. The loud clanging of the blade echoed on the vinyl floor and filled the empty room.

The lack of furniture and decoration didn’t eliminate my recall. This had been a room with many good times attached to it. The warmth of the holidays with family. The comfortable quiet of sitting with grandparents. Even the rare times of normalcy with my father. Choking back an involuntary response, I steadied myself internally. It was too soon to let go to emotion.

Who knew how long it had been? Events of childhood had been superseded by very real and rough survival on an alien world. One that hadn’t allowed me any semblance of being simply a kid. Through that, I was now a man bred and groomed from war; and the cost of fighting evil and winning had almost been too heavy a burden to shoulder. I would never sleep the same again.

The finality of being back here hadn’t completely registered yet. When it did, I knew I would need somewhere to sit down. The large recliner that had once been a staple in the large family room was gone. Was there anything left of what had been? I had no idea. If I walked to the windows and opened them, would my viewpoint be confirmed?

The thick trail of dust on the floor confirmed the absence of anyone familiar who could be around to provide guidance. Any sense of family was long gone. Where would they be now? Even more so, how could I move on in a world that was less so my home than the fantastical one I was catapulted from? It terrified me.

I was home.

That’s my first attempt. I’m motivated at this prospect! I won’t be posting every single one due to wanting to keep some to myself for the purpose of contest submission. But the ones I do post will more than likely be linked over on my Tumblr for the future. Stay warm out there!

Until next time.

*Credit for the featured image comes from Arthur’s Pub at: http://www.arthurspub.ie/bluesnjazz/flash-fiction-competition/

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