The Power of Communication

In your quietest moments, what do you say to yourself?

We all experience time throughout the day when we have moments to ourselves. Precious time to take in what we’re facing and review how things are going. What is typically on your mind then?

  • If you’re a parent, are you thinking about your children? Something they did earlier or what you need to do because of them later?
  • Did someone make you upset and now you’re replaying the offense in your head?
  • Were you the victim of an awkward situation and now you’re analyzing how things would’ve gone differently without the embarrassment?
  • What about that man or woman who you’ve been building the courage to talk to?

All my examples were broad and very general, I know. The point is that even amongst the most social of us, we still have those middling moments of solitude between points of time to think about things happening throughout our day. We stress ourselves out playing back ‘what could’ve been’ situations and miss the present happening right in front of us, blocking potential blessings.

A few years back, I scoffed at the philosophy of positive affirmation. The idea of focusing on positive outcomes despite whatever trials and tribulations came your way came across naive to me. How can you avoid reality and simply think things will be better? It sounds more like delusion to me. Thoughts like this made me think that the only way to push through a problem was to attack it head-on. But that only left me frustrated and mentally drained. I realized that things needed to change. My outlook needed to change.

So what if I told you it wasn’t a delusion? That difficult situations, people, and circumstances don’t have to become permanent life sentences that you serve for all time? I’m not asking for you to avoid reality and simply ignore what’s in front of you. I’m asking you to change the mindset of how you approach it.

Stop saying that you’re not good enough when the resources are available for you to learn. The internet is vast and helpful. Imposter Syndrome is only a stumbling block for those who won’t even attempt to rise to the occasion. Stop saying that things won’t work out when you haven’t exercised all your options yet. It only takes one yes to open a door to unlimited possibilities. Learn to see a failure as a learning lesson and figure out what to do better and differently next time. Stop saying that you aren’t worthy of someone else’s love when you shine bright like a newly birthed star. Live your life for yourself first and you’ll attract complimentary energy.

Most importantly, stop saying that your dream will never happen when you never took the chance to even try it.

Don’t run from the first sign of difficulty. That’s the barrier to entry on determining how bad you want it, and anything worth having is worth fighting for. So hone in on that dream, specify your intentions, and put in the necessary time to research, network, and practice accordingly. You won’t know until you try.

In all aspects of our lives, we need to spend more time lowering the volume of that inner voice that belittles our progress and instead crank the level up high keeping ourselves motivated. Myself included. There’s always going to be a monkey wrench thrown in our path toward the pursuit of happiness. What defines us is how we react to these potholes in the road. So keep an uplifting set of friends and family around, write out your affirmations, find hobbies to stimulate your creativity, and most importantly, know that everything is significant to your growth. Even the failures and mistakes.

Especially the failures and mistakes.

Until next time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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