The Importance of Hobbies vs Passions

Building onto my thoughts from last week due to nagging ideas that won’t quite let me let go…

Last Monday (April 16th to be exact), I spoke on the need for having a passion for the things you want to do more than anything else. Those long sought out dreams that flood your mind as you lay dreaming, that nagging idea that won’t leave your head during the day even when you’re trying to stay on task at work, and yes, that dream you keep to yourself because you’re afraid of how it sounds when you say it out loud in public to other people.

At the end of that previous post, I mentioned the importance of distinguishing between a hobby versus a passion. That notion stuck with me for the next few days of what would come to be a mentally tiring work week. More importantly, why you need both of them.

I love video games, so I spent the majority of the last weekend getting lost in one of my new favorite games (Divinity Original Sin 2). It’s an extremely detailed role-playing game, putting you in the shoes of a character you created discovering their important purpose in the world. The journey to Godly ascension is fraught with long detailed combat, important decisions via in-game dialogue that shapes the world’s perception of you, and companions who may or may not have their own intentions. This is the type of detail that I occasionally love to get lost in for hours. I did just that this weekend to decompress.

But does that mean that I see myself turning my video game habits into a career of some sort? Streaming my performance for those who want to watch my online content and attempt to make money through YouTube or Twitch? Absolutely not (to be honest, I think there’s enough of that already). The same with my other hobbies.

When it comes to discovering your passion, be patient. Live life, soak up experiences and begin to filter out what ignites that spark in the things that you do. Even if you currently aren’t doing it for your job. You never know what may happen a few years down the road.

When it comes to hobbies, never neglect those activities that are just fun to do and are de-stressors that take your mind off of a long day. Experiment and try things you never would’ve thought you’d do.

But most importantly, in all things, keep an open mind.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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