Having Big Dreams With Small Visions

When you’re in the midst of running your personal race in life, do you think about the finish line or where you currently are on the track?

Society has sped up and technology has improved in ways that your grandparents never dreamed up. Life is different, even just looking back fifteen years ago. Remember flip phones? Girbaud Jeans? Actual CD Players? Through all this, our pace in our day-to-day tasks has also sped up. But with these changes have come the general decline of our patience.

We expect instant gratification for our actions to match the speed at which we type on our keyboards. We question why our actions haven’t been praised by others after only performing one gesture. Our relationships deteriorate after one petty difference without attempting to reconcile. We call ourselves failures in our twenties and thirties because our realities don’t match our outlandish expectations. The amount of pressure we put on each other in the short-term is insane!

Now I’m not saying that it’s wrong to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Having high expectations can sometimes be the motivator needed to challenge you to outperform rather than be comfortable. But that has to be balanced with honesty towards yourself and knowing your own limitations. More importantly, we have to be comfortable with learning to take our time with the things that matter.

It’s the old adage of not seeing the forest for the trees. We’re spending so much time focused on the minor details that we’ve lost sight of our end goal:

  • Why are you currently working that sucky job that you hate for long hours?
  • Why did you go back to school, even though you have to balance that with children who deserve equal attention?
  • Why did you move to that new town where you don’t know anyone and have no safety net?
  • Why are you considering a career in something that requires a MASSIVE undertaking before reaching a comfortable level of success?

We’ve all had to endure situations and people who make our experiences VERY difficult at times. You question why you’re in the place that you’re in and how it would be easier to just remove yourself from it. But that’s thinking in the short-term. I challenge all of us to think on the bigger picture.

Remember the end goal. The things we cherish the most in life have been hard-fought and earned. Don’t talk about something you’re passionate about that you aren’t ready to devote blood, sweat, and tears to. How else do you think you’ll get it?

What is it that you want more than anything else? Envision it. But do more than just thinking about it. Plan out how to get to that point. Write it down and follow those steps, taking as much time as you need while modifying your plan as new information is learned. Most importantly, PERSEVERE. Become comfortable with frustration but not complacent. Chase wisdom and not shallow victories. We can all do this.

For me? I’m going to continue chipping away at these words and reading my butt off to learn from those who’ve already accomplished the dream I’m trying to reach. I’m committed to being an eternal student and taking my scrapes and bruises along the way. Hopefully, you’ll see me in a bookstore near you.

Or even on your tablet. The times are changing.

Until next time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

2 thoughts on “Having Big Dreams With Small Visions

  1. This was REALLY deep and motivational! Thanks for sharing it. Some of us just love our “comfort zone” so much that we fear getting out of it. I see this a LOT with people in some of their job, especially ones who have been there for years! But they don’t realize they hold back some of their deep seeded talents.

  2. Very inspirational, reading this made me reassess my current life situation(s) and think towards a better tomorrow. This reading relates to a lot of the general public and reaches people of different age groups.


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