A Bigger World Is Out There

What makes us feel personally attached to things that are bigger than us?

Think about the media you have consumed within the last ten to twenty (for the older readers) years and the things that stick out prominently in your mind. Have you ever given thought to why that particular album replays in your head? Playing over and over like your own personal radio station? Why the words from that book you read so long ago still stick to you like freshly applied glue? Maybe words you heard from a podcast or some other online content you watched still gets recalled by you and your friends?

A lot of this thinking came after seeing Avengers: Infinity War. I left the movie theater with so many thoughts buzzing around my head. I couldn’t begin to make sense of them until I saw the movie a second time (in case, you weren’t sure, I REALLY loved the movie). But these ideas of connection to a narrative and stake in the outcome kept coming to my head. These thoughts were reinforced the more I talked to friends who hit me up to discuss their ideas, in the statuses on social media I saw, and in the content uploaded by content creators and informative critics.

Now I know what some of you are thinking while reading this. You’re possibly rolling your eyes while saying it too. Maybe some people really wanted to just see a cool movie with explosions and fighting. Not everything has to have a deeper meaning! I get it. Trust me, I really do. But even with that in mind, this type of hype and investment by so many people who previously had no interest in comic books, sci-fi/futurism, or even action movies is amazing to watch; and it’s a hype that I think first captured people’s attention with Black Panther earlier this year.

I think we take for granted how much great media can add to our lives. Intertwined with how we’re raised and the situations in life that we experience are the things we consume. That can be physically in what we eat and emotionally in the ideas we absorb and internalize. That’s why exposure is so important at any age to open your mind to ideas you previously wouldn’t have ever considered.

As well as limiting yourself from things and people who would deter that.

So what’s the answer for figuring out the next thing to try? You’re peeking over the edge of curiosity into something that you may not fully understand, yet want to learn more about it? Dipping your toes into the proverbial pond?

Come back later this week. I hope to have an answer to that.

Until next time.


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