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The Nighttime is the Right Time to Be Motivated

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Training the Writing Muscles Through Flash Fiction

As I type this blog post up, I also balance that attention with needing to conclude my two flash fiction prompts (number 29 and 30) for the week. We’re in week 15 and I’m keeping pace with my goal of writing two of these short stories a week for 52 weeks. It’s challenging but I love it; this came about due to wanting to keep writing despite the writer’s block I faced with my novel.

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Protecting Your Energy

You awaken to the screaming fury of your alarm clock.

That’s a generous description. You’re scared to consciousness by whatever ringtone or loud blaring sound that is pre-programmed into your phone (or analog alarm clock for us old schoolers *wink*). The last fleeting moments of R.E.M. sleep evaporates as you desperately fumble for the snooze button in the dark. It can’t be time to wake up already. It feels like you just went to bed. You attempt to enjoy the fifteen minute period that your snooze allows, wringing every precious second to not face the day ahead. Eventually, you wrench the covers from your legs and slide off the mattress and begin to mentally prepare.

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Black Panther and Our Attraction to Personal Stories

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock somewhere deep in the ocean, you know that this week marks the premier of one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Not just a Marvel movie; and not just a superhero movie either. For a lot of people, Black Panther will be the one time they’re definitely going to be heading to the movies in 2018 with their friends, family, or even that significant other that wants to learn¬†¬†doesn’t appreciate this amazing genre of media.

The number of think pieces, editorials, blog posts, YouTube soliloquies, and even music dedicated to highlighting how people feel about this movie is at an all time high; and there’s nothing wrong with that at all! But this post isn’t any of that. I love how so many people, who previously didn’t have Marvel on their radar, are now asking me questions about comic books and the stories that they can dip their toes into. Bravo to marketing and word of mouth. Instead, I’m more interested in the social dynamics of people’s fervor towards things they personally feel invested in.

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