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2017 Reading Challenge…..Update??

Welcome to March! Almost faster than I can keep track of, we’re now one-fourth of the way into the year 2017. Where does the time go? Like seriously?

For the uninitiated, starting back in January, I began a personal literary challenge in order to start back reading more (you can see my whole thought process for that HERE). For the most part, I’ve been incredibly successful and staying on track; and the beautiful part about this self-imposed challenge is my annoying habit for wanting to keep deadlines no matter what. Which keeps me from wanting to slack off.

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Taking on A Reading Challenge???

2017 will be a year fraught with a crazy amount of changes. Even without knowing the future there are things that you can count on. Time moving forward, relationships shifting, hearts and minds evolving on certain topics (for better or for worse), and even the very way we live our lives evolving into something new. But for now, instead of focusing on much heavier topics that can sometimes be out of our control, I want to dial it down into a realm that is very much within my power.

My ability to improve myself.

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