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Month Four of the 2017 Reading Challenge

Welcome to the month of April! As we get ready to leave the first third of the year, I have to say that I’ve been immensely enjoying this challenge and the opportunity to read books that were already on top of my intimidating stack of “Must Reads” (a pile that always fluctuates and gets larger). For some weird reason, my mind works best with deadlines and expectations looming over, so this was the best motivation to start back reading much than I typically do per year.

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Stretching Those Creative Muscles


Saturday night, I finally had the chance to play something that I’ve been intrigued with for months now. A few months back, I spoke on my love for Choose Your Own Adventure books and why they were such a critical part of my creative development when I was growing up. Years later and I’m literally choosing my adventure with a few friends.

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Updated Book Reviews


A Wednesday post?! *GASP, SHOCK, and AWE*

It’s been awhile since I came into Tuesday evening slapping myself on the forehead, remembering that the middle of the week was only a few hours away and that I needed to generate some type of content for The Nifty Notebook. Back during the earlier days of this blog, I would post three times a week and this was a regular occurrence unfortunately.

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2017 Reading Challenge…..Update??

Welcome to March! Almost faster than I can keep track of, we’re now one-fourth of the way into the year 2017. Where does the time go? Like seriously?

For the uninitiated, starting back in January, I began a personal literary challenge in order to start back reading more (you can see my whole thought process for that HERE). For the most part, I’ve been incredibly successful and staying on track; and the beautiful part about this self-imposed challenge is my annoying habit for wanting to keep deadlines no matter what. Which keeps me from wanting to slack off.

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