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A Case of An Accidental Internet ‘Did you know…?’

Every now and then when I’m going across the Internet, I stumble upon interesting sites that help to provide some type of inspiration that I previously wouldn’t have received. If you keep your eyes and ears open wide enough and are open to new information, you’ll be surprised by what you see.

This week I ended up using BuzzSumo.

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FoKAS Community Spotlight Opportunity

Building upon the foundation I established since my very first post on this blog, my goal has been to continue to escalate and elevate, challenging myself to do more towards reaching my aspirations. A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to be featured online in a community spotlight piece for a local photography website that has been doing quality work for a number of years now. One that I’ve also been working with as a content and copy editor on the side.

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Revisiting An Old Friend at the Movies


Dark corridors and a creepy suspicion of dangers around the next corner. Tightly focused camera shots of the last survivors of a gruesome attack, at their wit’s end, knowing that one wrong decision will find them meeting the same fate. These are the conceptsĀ I’ve long associated with the long running Alien franchise and is what I was revisited with last night while watching the movie.

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