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Flash Fiction Challenge #12

So much for lightening the mood up. I swear it wasn’t supposed to end up in this way (I wanted something more lighthearted), but I honestly had this idea of post-apocalyptic gangs vying for territory in my head, that I kept writing and ended up with this:

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Flash Fiction Challenge #11

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Flash Fiction January Retrospective

It’s February! We’re already thirty-seven days into 2018 and, unlike this time in 2017, I feel like time is blasting forward. You know the old adage: late nights and early mornings; and the weekends are never quite long enough.

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A Tale of One Red Ink Pen

It was the mid 2000s and I found myself having to write, yet again, another research paper for school. High school to be exact. Like every report before it, it was due on a Monday, leaving me to devote a sizable chunk of my weekend to making sure that it was complete. Unless I REALLY wanted to test the limits of my ‘creativity’ procrastination by finishing it before the period it was assigned, using one of the school computers.

More important, than the due date, was the fact that I usually wanted to finish it early enough for my dad to look at it before I submitted it for a grade. What can I say? I was a glutton for punishment.

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A Brush With the Familiar Yet Fantastical

Still in the month of January, I’ve been making good on my goal to read way more books in 2018.

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that the realms of fantasy and science fiction are my two favorite genres to read. Not the only ones I consume, of course, but typically the sections of the bookstore that I’ll probably visit first; and through this, I realized last year just how lacking I was in authors of color peppering my reading lists. I previously spoke on this back in 2016 on a blog post for more representation being needed in science fiction, but I didn’t pursue it further.

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