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Hype Through Media Is the Best Medicine

Growing up, Fall and Winter brought about a whole host of feelings and hype. Things like temperatures dropping and slipping on warmer boots and jackets; indulging in warm hot chocolate at night (and egg nog as I got older); watching graying skies as freezing rain or flurries fell down; and depending on where I lived, sometimes snow.

Passing Thanksgiving and moving into December meant Christmas was approaching. As a kid, no holiday got you excited more than Christmas. The television specials, the opportunity to hopefully get something you wanted, and even getting days off from school. We all remember those simpler times with a warm fondness. As an adult, we think back on those times as ‘what used to be’ and sometimes forget that we can still kindle those memories today.

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Marvel Comics, Hip Hop, and the Power of Personal Inflection

Just take a second to really think about it…

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Word Vomit #17

You cannot imagine the amount of binge watching that will happen this weekend…

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The Curse of Repeating Ourselves

Does anyone below the age of 18 even use these anymore?

Let’s turn back the hands of time….to a simpler existence…

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