Trying to Figure It Out

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”
~ Gandalf

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this intense fascination with words.
They were powerful to me. In school I learned about them being used to change the course of history. I read about how they inspired those who needed them in times of trouble, uplifting those who could press forward change and maybe even right the wrongs out there. There were even ideas passed on that influenced entire generations to think differently, breaking out of a small confined way of thought, pushing forth boundaries.

They ARE powerful to me.

Years later and I am no longer in school, safe from the world and its ever judging eye. I’m an adult and with that comes responsibility. Depending on who you are and what you have going on in your life, that list of responsibilities can be shorter or longer. But we all share something in common.

Time is a premium and it is ever diminishing.

It was about a decade ago while in school that I realized that I also wanted to be someone who used their words to present ideas. I wanted to be a writer and create new worlds with the stroke of a pencil on a piece of paper……or the tap of a keyboard in the present. Many notebooks and Word Documents were filled in this effort. I even started a writing group where these things could be shared and discussed, hoping to spark even more creative energy. All of this was incredibly helpful, helping me to further define my voice. But in all this I still had a problem….

I wasn’t doing anything with ANY of this work.

Maybe subconsciously I was afraid. To put my foot forward and begin down the path for publication would mean putting my pride aside and opening myself up for public scrutiny. Was I prepared for that? In any case, sitting around asking myself all these hypotheticals won’t change anything, especially with time being more and more precious to me. How do you balance a full-time job, extracurricular activities, loved ones, and a plethora of more things and still hold onto your dream?

So that is what this is. I hope to become published but for now I am balancing a full time career. I don’t have any answers or insider information on it. But I hope to learn; and maybe this blog will keep me motivated to do so as I share my journey to that publication; and maybe we can all learn something together.

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