Planning A Method to My Madness

Ok, so I made this grand declaration in my first post talking about how much I love to read and write and that my dream is to become a published author.

Now what?

This is not the first, nor the second time that I’ve reached this conclusion. In fact, it’s pretty mundane at this point. But unlike the other times that I’ve attacked the idea of writing, I now realize the importance of breaking down my overly broad goals into something much more concrete.

This is compounded by the fact that most of the hours of my day are devoted to work and a few extracurricular activities, so how can I maximize what little time I have left?

That’s a question I’m still tackling in my mind. But for right now, the most important thing is to write. Even typing that sentence sounds incredibly stupid and almost a ‘duh’ but one thing that I don’t want to become is someone who talks but NEVER delivers; and we all know those type of people. The only way I get better is by constantly working at it.

So the goal everyday is to write at least 100-200 words….about anything. The important thing is that I get in the habit of doing something everyday until it becomes second nature. From there I’ll start wrapping my mind around larger projects.

I’ll provide an update later this week.


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