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Do We Still Rent Books Anymore?

Last week I started a biweekly thread titled: “Other Sources of Inspiration.” My first post for that can be found here. In it, I allude to liking a variety of different things (videogames, comic books, music, etc); and it’s through these different types of media that I gain ideas (dare I say…inspiration?) that could be the necessary spark in fueling further stories down the road when I write.

But all that costs money.

That’s a big duh right? But I think a lot of us, myself included at times, take for granted the fact that we can simply go out and get the things that we want. I know that I work hard for the ability to do that but it’s simply not the reality for everyone. Thinking on this last week, I also realized that I have a few personal trips planned later this year and want to be a bit more conscious of my spending (especially since I LIVE on Amazon. It’s so convenient!).

That had me thinking and lo and behold an idea popped into my head that sadly hadn’t occurred beforehand.

What about the library?

I honestly haven’t stepped inside a public library in at least 3 or 4 years. It sounds surprising at first but then I consider services such as Audible, which allow you to listen to books in audio form, or Amazon, where I can easily order books for much cheaper than traditional stores and have them arrive the next day, and my reason for not necessarily driving to a library in my city seems more plausible. But while both those options, as well as reading books electronically (ewwww), allow me to quickly gain access to what I want within the convenience of my own home, none of them beat free. Which brings me back to my goal of being more cost effective.

So while quick seems to be what matters most nowadays, I think I need to take a step back and reassess the resources available to me already. Plus I think the idea of walking into the library, unsure of where to start first, could bring about discovering some pretty cool books. I see a trip in my immediate future.



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6 thoughts on “Do We Still Rent Books Anymore?

  1. I wonder if they still give out library cards to let you join the library. Also, many public libraries have online links so you can see what’s available before going there. Interesting topic — thanks for sharing; we do take some things right under our nose for granted.

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